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Prue Halliwell

Jan. 29th, 2004

11:10 am - Powers

* Telekenisis - this is the ability to move objects with the mind. This is the first ability that Prue learns. This power can be channeled through the hands or through eye contact or simply by willing it. This is a very powerful power to wage against a demon.

*Astral Projection - this this the ability to be at two places at once. Prue began to adapt to this new power during the second season. This power can be channeled when either asleep or simply by willing it.

10:51 am - Name

PRUDENCE f English
Pronounced: PROO-dents
Medieval form of Prudentia, a feminine form of PRUDENTIUS. The name can also simply be from the English word.

The influence of Prudence gives you the ability to plan, organize and carry work out through a successful conclusion. You are thoughtful and considerate of others, dignified yet friendly. Your ambition is for the stability of settling down with a nice home, good furniture and a good standard of living. You have the business ability and astuteness to atain this standard. You desire to direct and control finances, both in business and in the home. You would appreciate the aspects of life such as art and music.

It tends to be too pratical in influence causing you to put the pratical needs of your home and family ahead of taking the time for the little considerations which create love and understanding. This name will create a strong, capable nature, able to lead and control, of which you are probably well aware, but it causes a worrying nature. It makes it difficult for you to express some of the softer, spontaneous qualities that do so much for your associations. Any weakness in health relative to this name would show in problems in the female generative organs.

Charmed Connection: Prue has always been very well organized and a very refined business woman. She tends to worry about her sisters, as the description says and that is also associated with her strong, controlling quality. Also, she has always wanted a family of her own- a husband, kids and things like that.

Jan. 28th, 2004

12:15 pm - Introduction

You are Prue Halliwell!

You are Prue Halliwell - Prue may well have left this world, but her spirit clearly lives on in you. You're a determined modern-day witch with an alluring, caring personality. Your captivating beauty and high level of intelligence and self-belief are what make you an utterly irresistible person. You care deeply about your family and friends, and are skilled at taking on roles of leadership and guidance. Many people depend on you because of your strong will, intelligence, and good heart.

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